# thinking in IDA Pro – how to obtain a copy

wow! I see some ppl ask google for “thinking in IDA Pro” and feel obligations to say: this book was written in rus and never translated to eng. the exactly name is “образ мышления – IDA” (obraz mishleniya – IDA). it’s quite obsolete now, however, if you know rus and don’t mind to download less than a megabyte – welcome to http://nezumi.org.ru/ida.full.zip.

I’m going to write the new one, so… follow the news!


5 Responses to “# thinking in IDA Pro – how to obtain a copy”

  1. The new one it’s very good!
    What version of IDA you’ll describe,may be the latest version,5.2?
    Will you describe any technics of reversing .NET programs ?
    May be in a new one will be something principled new?

  2. I’m going to describe IDA 5.2 (scripts, plug-ins with a lot of examples), x86, x86-64, .NET, JVM, processor modules for custom virtual machines, PE, ELF, crash/core dumps, firmware – just a few to say. the book will be rewritten from the scratch.
    thanks for your interests!

  3. Nice news, thanks!
    Reversing technique for .NET programs written in C# needs. Especially new .NET 3.0 and above.

    BTW — how to reverse dvd-burners’ firmwares?
    I. e. http://tdb.rpc1.org — I don’t know how it wuz done ;))

  4. thanks for your interest!
    .NET will be describe quite complete, including interaction between managed and unmanaged code, buffer overflows technology, exploiting JIT compilers and more. C# will be the primary subject and the rest (like F# he-he) – the secondary.

    I’m going to describe how to reverse BIOS-firmware and DVD firmware as well.

  5. vettimails Says:

    yahoo!! I am a big fan of your “Hacker Disassembling” and Shell code book. Can’t wait to get a copy of your new book….

    Btw, when is it planned to come out???

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