free IDA Pro training

I offer you 10-day free IDA-Pro/Soft-Ice/Syser/OllyDbg/GDB training included, but not restricted to:

* IDA Pro fundamentals;
* IDA Pro idc-scripts basics;
* IDA Pro plug-ins (how to write);
* Disassembling trickily programs;
* Disassembling Java/.NET byte-code;
* Disassembling a custom VM byte-code;
* Anti-disassemblering tricks (how to defeat);
* Manual unpacking packed exe/dll/elf (NT/Linux/BSD);
* Writing your own scripts/plug-ins to automate unpacking;
* The best strategy to find security holes in the closed software;
* How to design and debug your own “proof-of-concept” exploits;
* …and everything else you want to know, well, almost everything :)

note: this offer will never expire

I live in South Russia (see the map bellow, or feed “Russia, Krasnodarskiy kray, gorod Armavir” to and see the result).

my place

There are three major airports around my place:

of course, I can meet you, if you arrive to Moscow (guess, this would be more simple to you).

I live in my own house and have a guest room for you and a dozen computers for training (that means: one learner for a training period or two, if you don’t mind to live together, since the room has only one double-bedded bed, I trained a family: husband and wife in the past and they both were in RE).

btw, South Russia is a very beautiful place: mountains, canyons, hills, ravines, seas, lakes, waterfalls – just a few to say.

so, I invite you to security-training (and camping if you don’t mind and we will have free time for this). it’s free. you only pay your two-ways tickets to Russia (food, room, etc – is free). I know rus and eng, so you’re supposed to talk eng or rus.

if you’re interested, PM me here or mail to

# a bit more about myself #
have over 15 years of software engineering and reverse engineering experience (CD/DVD protections, PE/ELF packers/protectors, CD/DVD copiers), data flow optimization, CPU-specific optimization, compiler specific optimization, debugging code and analyze binary crash-dumps).
Researched malware, developed software/hardware protections, discovered security holes in OSes (Winnows, Linux, xBSD), drivers, applications and x86 CPU, designed a lot of protections to prevent unauthorizing using, optimized code and data structures (x86-asm, C), tested software (including audio/video codecs) and helped to find bugs and fix them, recovered damaged or erased data (HDD, CD/DVD) – just a few to say.

published more than 20 books about system programming, and most of them were translated on English, Chinese, Polish and other language I ever don’t know (English editions follow bellow);
published more than 300 articles in Russian magazines (and most of them are filled up with new ideas or my own researches);

  • Hacker Disassembling Uncovered: Powerful Techniques To Safeguard Your Programming (ISBN: 1931769222)
  • Hacker Disassembling Uncovered: Second Edition, totally rewritten (ISBN-10: 1931769648)
  • CD Cracking Uncovered: Protection Against Unsanctioned CD Copying (ISBN-10: 1931769338)
  • Data Recovery Tips & Solutions: Windows, Linux, and BSD (ISBN-10: 1931769567)
  • Code Optimization: Effective Memory Usage (ISBN-10: 1931769249)
  • Shellcoder’s Programming Uncovered (ISBN-10: 193176946X)
  • Hacker Debugging Uncovered (ISBN-10: 1931769400)

welcome to my den!


3 Responses to “free IDA Pro training”

  1. are you a homosexual? just curious.

  2. what makes you think so? I have had more women than you can imagine (including rock-stars and other bright persons), however, sex doesn’t excides me very much and turns me on, but RE and debugging does. the feeling of understanding that I have understood something gives me hi, it’s like an orgasm even better, much better. wow! stop! I just realized: I refer my PC as “he”, as well as debugger (soft-ice, syser, olly), but IDA is female name and I refer the dissasembler as “she”, so I have at least one woman who doesn’t cheat me. back to your question: no, never be and never will and I’m not curious to try.

  3. What do you speaking about? How you could so to think?

    2 Kris:
    I with pleasure would arrive, at all to train the skills in reversing and programming, and is simple because i would like to communicate to such person.

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